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Harmless palpitations

Harmless extrasystolesLet me tell you some of my doubts about these harmless palpitations… I don’t know if palpitations changed your life or your habits, but they had a huge influence on my life, the same way panic attacks and anxiety did… yes, I had a panic attack disorder for about a year, because of some sad situations that happened to me, but I got through it (will write to you about it in some other post). So finally I was happy with my life, no anxiety, no stress, no panic attacks and then suddenly they came to make me a visit..!
At the beginning I though it was just a symptom that my doctor will be able to solve in a matter of days, but I was wrong… Let’s say there is a positive and a negative side of these extra systoles I have. The positive one is that they are harmless, but let’s say it is not so comforting because you ask yourself every time: Is it really possible that they are harmless, come on, my heart skips a beat thousand times a day and it is normal? Yes, some studies show that more than 70 percent of healthy individuals with healthy hearts have a few extrasystoles a day… a few! (?)
The ”negative” side is that usually if your doctor sees that you have these harmless extrasystoles, he won’t give you any drugs for it, just a simple advice – try not to pay attention to heart palpitations and they will disappear.  Ok, I agree on not taking the drugs because there are more side affects then benefits, but the thing is that than there is no treatment for these harmless extrasystoles, so how do I get rid of them!?
At the time you ask yourself so many questions, so many things go through your mind, that make you feel more anxious, right? But this is the thing, you should really try not to pay any attention to them, because the anxiety that you create when thinking on them makes them become more frequent! Then your adrenaline level rises and influences your heartbeat! I know it sounds so easy, but you should try it, maybe it will work for you (always if your doctor has ruled out any serious cause). I have tried a lot of things to help myself (yoga, meditation, some anxiety programs…), changed a lot of my habits I liked drinking coffee, smoking, but I also stopped exercising, because having palpitation when exercising made me go out of my mind… still, no changes…
Harmless palpitations? Have they changed your life too?