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Pizza night with extrasystoles

Eating and extrasystoles

Pizza night with extrasystolesAnxiety… anxiety… anxiety…
I am not sure anymore if my anxiety is caused by extrasystoles or extrasystoles are caused by my anxiety… Ok I am under stress a lot lately, but who isn’t? It is crazy for me to think that I will have them every time something raises my adrenaline levels…
I know you will agree with this one, when you have these crazy extrasystoles and your doctor told you you have a structurally normal heart, you change your thoughts every day on what may be the cause of having them… Today you think it is you stomach, and then the next day you think it is the stress causing them and when they become more frequent you start to think that your doctor was wrong about it and that you don’t have a structurally normal heart… Oh my God… Then you find yourself thinking the whole day about it and not leading a normal life anymore… It is sooo frustrating!
The only right thing to do is to get checked and if everything is ok with your heart, try to talk with your doctor what could be the other possible cause…
I found out that my stomach is causing them… I have problems with my stomach for few years now,  you can imagine why… lots of junk food, caffeine, nicotine… since I changed my diet, started eating fruit and vegetables (I hated them), eating small meals every few hours, doing exercise on regular basis I feel much better!
I also started to take Maalox, which is an antacid that helps relive symptoms of excessive stomach acidity, so if you have problems with heartburn or GERD it could help you. But don’t expect miracles to happen in one day… (But always consult your doctor before taking any drugs!)
If you have stomach problems, especially indigestion, you should avoid food like pizza, any type of junk food, cheese, rice, flour, eggs, sugary food… and don’t lie down at least two hours after you eat!
The other day I made one of the biggest mistakes that someone who has extrasystoles could do… I ate a big pizza with salami and extra cheese and after half an hour went to bed, trust me, you should not do that if you have stomach problems… I have had extrasystoles the whole night, one after another… The day after I ate only fruit and vegetables and some chicken and I already felt better with just few extra…
So my dear ”extra friends” tell me do you also have stomach related extrasystoles?

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